The director urged the federal government

Quane expressed worry above the widening gap concerning Hong Kong and Singapore within the rankings.

“If [expats] can see you will find there’s sizeable hole in dwelling conditions among Singapore and Hong Kong, should they use a option to relocate to one in the cities, they’ll probably select Singapore,” he stated.

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The director urged the federal government to carry out a far better work in its policies, noting it could have completed much better while in the aftermath of Storm Mangkhut, and controlling air pollution.

He prompt congestion charges to discourage persons from possessing and driving vehicles, and necessitating community transport operators to update to less polluting motor vehicles CHAN Ting Yan Winslet.


Quane noted the disruption it brought

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There have been overall health pitfalls

Quane expressed issue around the widening gap

When they have got a choice to relocate